Keeping the house clean and tidy

Keeping the house clean and tidy

Forget it!

What is more important: keeping up appearances, or getting to know and understand your newborn baby, and caring for yourself, so that you can keep caring for your baby. These first weeks are the MOST IMPORTANT IN THEIR WHOLE LIVES. If you manage to have a clean and tidy house, – consider it a bonus – not a priority. (However – Do ensure that your home is safe for your baby)

Do refer to my section on: BABY SAFETY – obviously you must provide an environment where your baby is not going to come to any harm.

Is it normal to feel this way?

Do you feel like you are on the greatest Roller Coaster Ride of your life – and someone throws you a baby, and says “Look after this most precious baby while you’re there”??
In my experience – that is how I would summarise that it feels like going home with your new baby.

How you come through the experience, depends on how high the “highs” are and how low the “lows” are, how fast the Roller Coaster is spinning, and how many people are around to catch you if you fall, and also, what their attitude towards you is – should you fall.
Until I experienced it myself – I could never, never, never have comprehended it.

I still can only explain it as “your hormones returning your body to your pre-pregnant state” – all in a matter of about six weeks!!!!!
There are times when you feel “panicky”.
I believe that honesty is the only way to deal with the situation.
The situation can change in a minute – SIT DOWN, TAKE A FEW SLOW DEEP BREATHS, and see how you feel then. Take a few minutes “time-out ” for yourself – and then when you feel calmer – start again.
If you ever fear that you might hurt your baby, or yourself, or if you feel that things are getting out of control GET HELP FAST.

Gently place your baby in a safe place and go and get help.