Exploding the fantasy

Exploding the fantasy

Firstly, accept the fact that suddenly everyone you meet is going to be an expert on YOUR BABY – even if they have never met you before.

However, if you do actually have little or no knowledge of newborn baby care – people can help guide you while you find your feet.

It is best to be guided by someone qualified in the field, your Health Care Professional, rather than basing your care on “old wives tales” – fortunately for us, babies seem to survive both approaches – thank Goodness they are more robust than we realise.

Try to do as much research/ reading before your newborn baby arrives, as there is often very little time for anything once the baby has landed.

Accept the fact that you are a novice and that you are sort of “serving an apprenticeship”.

If you are having a bad day, where you are being overwhelmed with conflicting advice: simply say to the person: I don’t know if I can take in any more advice for today. Usually they will stop, reconsider the situation, and only continue if they believe that it really is important. The majority of people really only want to help.

If you can, listen to what your knowledgeable advisors have to say. If you don’t understand “why” ask them to explain the reason behind the suggestion.

Then, take it all on board, and ask yourself if you would like to try that particular “way” for you and your baby. If it seems to suit – see if you like it.

If it doesn’t suit – I find an easy way out is to thank the person for “their suggestion”, and you could re-enforce that you are trying to work out what suits YOU and YOUR baby.

I really do believe that you do know how to care for your baby – what you need is help, guidance and encouragement and support, until you start to unlock your own “knowing” and begin to trust your own judgement.