Breastfeeding vs bottle

Breastfeeding vs bottle

When it comes to choosing breastfeeding vs bottle feeding – it seems that most expecting mothers know instantly which one they will choose.   Which seems strange when you think about it:   Why would pregnant women have such huge changes to their breasts – and after delivery produce colostrum and then breast milk – if it weren’t what Nature had intended every new mother to do?

Nature knows what is best for our babies – and the benefits of breastfeeding have been demonstrated over time.   The benefits of breastfeeding include protecting your new baby from many illnesses by giving your baby antibodies to help your baby fight infection.   Infections like ear infections, respiratory infections, urinary infections and gastric infections amongst others.

Babies who are breastfeeding vs bottle feeding are also found to be less likely to develop allergies and asthma.   In studies comparing breastfeeding vs bottle feeding overall babies who were breastfed – particularly in the first four months of life – had better outcomes – and a reduced risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

For the mother – benefits of breastfeeding include reduced risk of breast and some other cancers, and delayed fertility (if baby is feeding exclusively breast fed frequently) – which again would be Natures way of spacing children.

Other obvious benefits of breastfeeding vs bottle feeding – is that once the supply is established – it is instantly available, contains the perfect ingredients for your baby, is at the perfect temperature and there is no cost.   Compare that to bottle feeding (formula feeding) – where you have to find a formula that suits your baby, you have to prepare it safely, you have to purchase all sorts of equipment to prepare and deliver it to your baby – and you can injure your baby if it is too hot or too cold, and if it is not safely and correctly prepared.   If your baby becomes sick – there are increased Medical expenses.

I personally don’t believe there is any debate as to which is better:  breastfeeding vs bottle – we all know which is best.

The real issue I believe is whether it is right for you and your circumstances.   That is a decision that only you can make, and if it is that you choose bottle feeding then make sure you get advice from your Health Care Professional as to which formula to use and prepare it safely.   Then, when feeding your baby – make sure your baby feels loved and wanted as you feed him/her.   If you choose to breastfeed – the majority of mums who continue to breastfeed – will often say it was one of the most special experiences of becoming a mother.