How to dress your newborn baby

How to dress your newborn baby

Can you dress yourself? Yes, then you can dress your newborn baby too!!!

The main problem with new born babies is that they have very little muscle control – so they wobble all over the show – especially their heads!  They’re like those little dogs you see in back of car windows – going in every direction. And seriously, it’s not going to do them any good if their neck/head yanks back and forth.

Your baby’s head is the main area you need to “support”.
OK so let’s start at the beginning.
You know that new born babies have trouble maintaining their body temperature – so dress them as quickly as you are able to, especially if is is just after a bath.
It is great if the room where you are changing your newborn baby – is not too hot or too cold.
Get everything ready before you start taking off your newborn baby’s clothes.

 How to decide how many layers your newborn baby needs:

As a very broad generalisation, I say that women tend to feel the cold more than men, so – dress your newborn baby in as many layers as the mother is wearing in the same environment (including blankets), but on a cold day – include one extra layer. On a very hot day, a Singlet and diaper may be all your newborn baby needs.

Having decided on what your newborn Baby will wear – find an area where you can work easily – without hurting your back, and which is safe for your newborn baby – in other words, your baby can’t roll off the surface
A firm clean surface is best.

Change the diaper/nappy first – clean the area appropriately (see: changing the nappy/diaper).
Remove the outer layers of clothing – booties, socks, bonnets, cardigans etc.
Keep your baby lying on their back, and gently but firmly support the head, when removing items of clothing over the head, e.g. Singlet. It’s a good idea to bunch all of the item of clothing together, so that only the hole that the item has to go over – is exposed. Place the required bit, e.g. the head through the hole, and then do the limbs – one arm, one arm, one leg, one leg at a time.

When it comes to those fancy “all in one -suits” with “poppers” or what ever else you like to call them – the only advice I can give is to start right at the bottom and keep going, or start right at the top, and keep going.

Invariably, there is usually one popper left over – but if you don’t tell the baby, he won’t know that you don’t have the “Popper -grow-suit- degree” and no one will be any the wiser!!!
There you are – your newborn baby’s all dressed – hopefully he/she won’t do a little puke/”possit”, and you’ll only be 45 minutes late for your appointment after all!!

All Health Professionals expect new Mums and Dads to be late for appointments – if they don’t – they haven’t been in the job for very long – so just do your best.