Baby soothers

Baby soothers

If you are trying to establish breast – feeding ( which usually will take a few weeks to iron out all the little hiccups) – introducing “baby soothers/ baby dummies” – can cause a problem for your newborn baby.

The soother/dummy requires a different sucking action, which is much easier than the sucking motion that is required to “attach” and suck properly on the breast.

A problem MAY arise where your newborn baby becomes accustomed to the easier sucking action on the baby soother/baby dummy – and will not want to persist with putting in the effort that is required to suck at the breast.
As a consequence, your baby may not get enough to drink, and breast – feeding may be abandoned – and that would be a terrible shame.

All babies are different – some can “settle” once they can comfort themselves by sucking on something.
Some babies become hysterical when you offer them “rubber alternatives” – and will instantly spit the dummy!
Sometimes a baby dummy/baby soother can save everybody’s sanity.

A new Mom or Dad can become exhausted if they are unable to calm their baby so assess the situation and make your own decision about whether a baby soother/baby dummy/pacifier is right for you and your baby.