The diaper bag/nappy bag – being prepared

The diaper bag/nappy bag – being prepared

Hopefully, your diaper bag will have all the things you need for caring for your newborn baby – all one hundred and one of them, and if you only remembered one hundred, you can be sure that that one item you left out will be the one you need! Have your diaper bag always ready with things you may need for your newborn baby, and if you use an item, make sure you replace it as soon as you can.

The list of things you need is endless, and will differ with each Mum’s likes and dislikes: The main things to remember, are a couple of nappies/diapers; a change of clothing, and that means everything including a singlet, a cardigan (in case the weather changes), some way to clean your baby’s bottom – disposable baby wipes are ideal, if your budget will allow for them; a plastic bag (poop diaper bag) or something similar into which you can place soiled diapers, until they can be appropriately dealt with.

A source of food for your baby, preferable nice fresh warm milk, direct from the breast, but if this is not possible – carry some boiled water and formula, in some type of thermos bag. Include something you can use to pacify your newborn baby, maybe a brightly coloured toy to interest your baby.

You may also need some type of barrier cream to protect your baby’s skin – this will very often depend on what type of diapers you are using. If you are using cotton diapers, there is a great array of fasteners, and you would also need some type of waterproofing so that everything doesn’t get wet.

A spare baby blanket is also a good idea. As your baby grows, the items you need will change, eg. something for sore gums later when teething starts (more like 4 – 6 months).

When it comes to choosing a diaper bag – the choice is amazing – with designer baby bags such as oioi bags of which the messenger diaperbag seems to be one of the most popular.   Other popular diaper bags include the skip hop duo bags, Kalencon diaper bag (particularly the Kalencon weekender diaper bag), the fleurville diaper bags, Petunia pickle diaper bags, diaper dude diaper bag and the Peg Perego diaper bag – it all depends on whether you like a diaper backpack or a stylish designer baby bag.