So now, what do you do once you have your baby home

So now, what do you do once you have your baby home

Well firstly – be grateful – not all MUMS bring their baby home due to lots of different possible circumstances.

Secondly, the whole experience of childbirth is different for each MUM and sometimes not at all what they expected.   And sometimes, fortunately not that often – things can go really wrong.   Some Mums even feel traumatised by something that may have happened – so it’s important that you talk about it – preferably with someone who is able to do something about it – if necessary.   Your Partner may not be the ideal person initially because he may also be traumatised by what happened.   Start by sharing your experience with a close friend who will make the time to hear you – often that may be all that is needed.   If you find that you are often reliving the experience – it’s a good idea to talk to your Doctor or Child Health Nurse/Community nurse.

I hope for you – giving birth to your baby even though it was a challenge –that challenge is soon  forgotten as you fall in love with your little one.

If baby is sleeping – take a deep breath – put the kettle on, relax and enjoy just being home.

I’m going to give you some advice now – that most Mums don’t want to hear.   However, I’m still going to say it:   Whenever you get the opportunity – just take a few minutes out for YOURSELF.   Life with a newborn BABY is very demanding – and it has to be because your baby will need frequent feeds in those early weeks, so when you get an opportunity – just relax and recharge your batteries, especially if your baby is asleep.   All those millions of chores that need to be done – there are always chores to be done – it’s never ending so just accept that everything may not get done TODAY!

If you don’t make time to nurture yourself – within a matter of weeks or months – you become more and more exhausted and in fact LESS able to give your baby that exquisite care you want to give.

Of course it is also a time of great joy and excitement – so do whatever fills you with JOY.