WELCOME to the start of your amazing journey to becoming a MUM!

Why should I be able to help you prepare during your pregnancy and to care for your new born baby?

My years of nursing experience, midwifery (delivering babies), years of neonatal (new-born) intensive care nursing – my speciality – but most importantly – I am a mother too – and that’s where the real learning comes from.   I was fortunate in that I could care for a newborn baby with my eyes closed – which I did most of the time as I was so sleep-deprived!

But there’s so much more to it all – all that stuff that no-one tells you about – or maybe they do try to, but we just block it out and think – “that won’t happen to me – it will be different for me”!

Enough!    Enough!

There’s so much to cover, so let’s get started, with a tip for once baby comes home:

Tip No 1 – make your bed as soon as you get out of it – that way you know you will have achieved at least one task for the day!!   That was the most important tip someone gave me when my baby was about 3 months old.


You will find that I often use the words “Health Care Professional” – here I mean a person with recognised qualifications in the care of pregnant women and newborn babies.   This could be your doctor – an Obstetrician, a Pediatrician, a Midwife, a Mother and Infant Child Health Nurse, the community nurse etc etc.   What I am saying is that that dows not mean “YOUR MOTHER” unless she is one of the above.   However, NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE VALUE of what your mother has to teach you – remember she went through the same/similar experiences with YOU!

OK OK so you want all your pregnancy and newborn baby care answers NOW – or maybe there may be just a question or two you have – whatever the case, I will try to keep the information easy, simple and straight forward.

(The quickest way to find answers is to click on the sentences/headlines that interest you.