synthetic oxytocin and newborn baby

Does NATURE do Childbirth best – or can MAN improve on Nature?

Gosh, in the “old days” pregnant Moms and/or their Babies died in huge numbers.   Nowadays our Maternal and Newborn mortality rates are way down, and I am so thankful that MODERN DAY MEDICINE can step in during life and death situations – and literally save the day.

But I do wonder if we as Health Professionals always make the best decision when the situation is not serious or life-threatening.

Something as simple as wanting a baby to be born at a CONVENIENT time.   And here I mean inducing labor with drugs like syntocinon (synthetic oxytocin) for non-medical reasons.   By non medical reasons, I mean working round the pregnant Mom’s work schedule or personal commitments, Partner’s schedule, Doctor or Health Care Workers personal schedules etc.

Nature releases the hormone OXYTOCIN to bring on labour, and also after the birth of the baby, when the baby suckles on the breast.

So why are we giving synthetic oxytocin to EVERY mother as her baby is born?   The rationale is that it will prevent the mother having a Post Partum Haemorrhage (excessive blood loss) and YES mothers in the past have literally bled to death in some instances.   And YES, it speeds up the delivery of the afterbirth (placenta) – which is great all round so the Health Care Professionals can get on with the next patient, clear the room for the next delivery, get on with the enormous amount of paper work that accompanies the birth of a baby, and Dad can rush out and phone friends and family with the good news.

The hour after birth we now recognise as a time when incredibly subtle hormone changes are happening for Mom and Baby, and for Dad too.   The mothering hormone PROLACTIN is released which is Natures way of helping Mom fall in love with her baby and want to nurture her baby.   Dads have also been found to produce PROLACTIN when they cuddle their baby for more than 15 minutes.

Skin to skin closeness of Mum and Baby, and Dad and Baby – also naturally releases the love hormone OXYTOCIN.   Literally “love is in the air” – so why would we want to shorten this time?

Dr Sarah Buckley (Recognized authority of pregnancy and birth) in her book Gentle Birth, gentle Mothering explains  in detail all those minute physiological changes that are happening and how interfering with this natural process has damaging effects for the new family unit.

A new feature-length documentary called “MICROBIRTH” is looking through the lens of a microscope exploring the latest scientific research into the microscopic events that happen during the birth process and straight after.   Take a look here: and see what YOU think.   Also SHARE this with your friends and family and as adults, lets CHOOSE the FUTURE we want for ourselves and our kids.